The Great Banana Ambassador Scheme!

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As the largest producer of bananas, it was only a matter of time before the world’s most popular fruit became Ecuador’s official ambassador.

The brilliantly titled ‘Banana Ambassador’ scheme is designed to take advantage of the international popularity of their bananas by replacing the conventional provenance stickers with QR tags set on a backdrop of the Ecuadorian tourism logo.

Banana fans with smartphones will be able to scan the QR sticker, which will take them to a promotional video and tourism website – great reading material whilst you chomp on your bananas!

To celebrate this brilliant example of Banana Power, here’s a traditional Ecuadorian Recipe for Oven Baked Plantains.

You will need: 4 overripe bananas and cooking spray (simple!)

To bake these delicious (and low-fat) treats, pre-heat the oven to 230C, and coat a baking tray with non-stick spray. Cut the ends of the bananas and peel, and then slice them diagonally into half-inch pieces. Arrange on tray and cover the tops with non-stick spray. Pop the tray in the over, and after 15mins (turning occasionally) you’ll have a traditional Ecuadorian treat to snack on (I recommend a dollop of ice-cream to go with)


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